I am so cold , I have been running all night . My legs feel so weak , where is my family ? They dropped me off at a park and left . I am sure they are looking for me . What was that noise ? I think I hear someone coming , I see a shed over there with an open door , ouch I hurt my leg squeezing in but I feel safe now. I am hungry , what did I do ? Shhhh  the door it’s opening , grrrrr  stay away from me I don’t know you !!! There are flashlights and two people with long poles and they are yelling things ! I feel so scared !! What do they want ? Will they take me home ? They have a tight rope on my neck now , I try and fight , it’s no use . They put me in a cold and damp truck , I am now a prisoner in a cage I think ? I bark , can my family hear me? I cry, they still don’t come . My mind swirls with thoughts of what is going on . Next day people are shoving weird things in my face , strange smells, a lot of noise, I sense myself becoming afraid and I want to crawl into the corner and never come out .People use words I don’t understand , I bark , I feel my soul slowly fading . Please help me!!! Rescue me !


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